Manage Model Configuration Versions

Version your model configurations with Gantry to:

  1. Keep track of performance over time.
  2. Understand if your new prompt is outperforming production.
  3. Promote your latest, validated model to production without having to redeploy your code.
Comparing configuration versions 1 and 2

Comparing configuration versions 1 and 2

Configuration versioning

An application can have many configuration versions. The version page displays the different versions of your application, what each of their parameters are, and allows you to manage which versions are deployed to production or test environments.

Configuration versions are managed through create_versions function in the SDK. The versions page lists each of these versions and the environments to which they are deployed.

Deploy your configuration

Deploying your configuration via Gantry makes it simple for your business logic to always pull the latest configuration version. With the correct model tagged prod or test and 3 lines of code, Gantry will be integrated into your application.

To tag your application, click the three dots next to a version:

To integrate a version into your application, copy-paste the three-line code snippet generated by clicking Integrate. This code snippet tells your application to find the version tagged prod (or test) in Gantry and use it.