Understanding Application Types

Applications consist of the machine learning models and associated configuration to power a single product feature. Most of the time, you will have one Application for each of your ML models.

Gantry supports 2 types of applications: Completion and Custom. Depending on the application type you choose for your model, you'll be dropped into one of 2 different UIs. Each UI is optimized for the type of application that it will be analyzing. If your model is currently or will be backed by an Open AI GPT model, it's probably best to choose Completion or Chat. Otherwise, a custom model is right for you.

When you visit the dashboard, you'll see a list of all of your Applications. There are two ways to create a new Application in Gantry:

From the UI, click the New app button on the righthand side:

From the SDK:

import gantry
application = gantry.create_application("demo", "Custom")

// OR

import gantry
application = gantry.create_application("demo", "Completion")

What’s Next

Dive into the guide specific for your application type: